Bird Hunting

We provide quality bird hunting for woodcock and grouse beginning in October.2 setters

Grouse season extends into November and December when we move a bit farther north for the best hunting.

Your hunt will be over a very special pair of English Setters. Please enjoy the videos below of our dogs in action.

Housing and meals are provided at the guide's camp on the Sugarfoot Kennel property.

cabin inside
Our camp on the property comfortably sleeps 4 adults.

tom and bruiser
Tom from TN who with his first 3 shots on this day shot a grouse and two woodcock with his 28 gauge.
Bruiser delivers a woodcock tenderly to hand.
woodcock in tree
This gal's woodcock shot over Bruiser landed in a tree and she's reaching to retrieve it for the dog.
bruiser and daisy
Bruiser and Daisy
3 dogs
Bruiser, Scooter, and Archie (Bruiser's son)
Solid point at Bowlin Camps
2 hunters
Brian and Steve from PA
Nice grouse for Gary from AZ
Limit of grouse at Bulldog Camps
larry and brandi
Grouse for Larry and "Brandy"
Mark and some nice grouse


Tony at Eagle Lake Sporting Camps:

"Bruiser" and son, "Archie":

"Bruiser" and "Daisy" at Bowlin Camps:

Ron from Portland is deadly:

Brian with woodcock:

"Archie's" first woodcock: